Modular Plastik Belt and Conveyor Components


Modular Plastik Belt and Conveyor Components


Modular Plastik Belt and Conveyor Components


Modular Plastik Belt and Conveyor Components



ALHAN CAGRI INDUSTRY is a manufacturer of modular belts, plastic chains and conveyor components.

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conveyor systems manufacturers

50,8 mm Biriktirme Makaralı Hasır Bant


WE MANUFACTURE, export to more than 50 COUNTRIES.

Since 1978 we are known as manufacturers and from 90's of last centure started manufaturing "Conveyor Parts and modular belts". We are full of efforts and  wishes to meet your needs combining high quality of our products.

Our products are used entirely original materials of European origin (we definetely do not use raw materials of Far East and China). Therefore there is absolutely no compromise regarding the quality of them.

Our exports are over 50 countries and we opened our branch, the company ALHANRUS, in Russia.

Increasing our regional activity, closely following technological developments and constantly evolving approach to enlarge ALHAN brand are our biggest goals.

Moreover we work on turn key projects, hold Projects for conveyor lines.

Conveyor systems are used widespread across a range of industries due to the numerous benefits they provide.

  • Conveyors are able to safely transport materials from one level to another, which when done by human labor would be strenuous and expensive.

  • They can be installed almost anywhere, and are much safer than using a forklift or other machine to move materials.

  • They can move loads of all shapes, sizes and weights. Also, many have advanced safety features that help prevent accidents.

  • There are a variety of options available for running conveying systems, including the hydraulic, mechanical and fully automated systems, which are equipped to fit individual needs.

Conveyor systems are commonly used in many industries, including the automotiveagriculturalcomputer, electronic, food processing,aerospacepharmaceuticalchemicalbottling and canning, print finishing and packaging. Although a wide variety of materials can be conveyed, some of the most common include food items such as beans and nuts, bottles and cans, automotive components, scrap metal, pills and powders, wood and furniture and grain and animal feed. Many factors are important in the accurate selection of a conveyor system. It is important to know how the conveyor system will be used beforehand. Some individual areas that are helpful to consider are the required conveyor operations, such as transportation, accumulation and sorting, the material sizes, weights and shapes and where the loading and pickup points need to be.

Pabuçlar, Ayaklar, Profil kılavuzları/ Bases,Feet,Tube ends